Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sex Education Definition

Sex education is the knowledge that we get relating to sex which includes growth genders (male and female), how gender as a reproductive function, about menstruation and so on until marriage and pregnancy problems already discussed in it.
For some people, sex education is considered as the knowledge that only talk about body contact. The opinions are not entirely true. In fact, sex education material is very broad coverage and one of them is the relationship of the body and reproduction. This happens when reality is many parents and teachers who think that sex education is not to learn, not even a little old man and the teachers who choose to avoid this and perceive sex education should not be given to children and proteges participants. Yet if parents and teachers are not able to provide sex education to their students, the greatest likelihood they will find information about sex is from other sources, such as the internet, newspapers, magazines and others. Not rule out that the information they get from the internet and other media will put them in the absence of guidance and supervision of their teachers and parents.
Lately much going promiscuity among students and graduates. All action and prevention have been taken, but has not promiscuity can also be stopped. This is because the lack of knowledge about sex and the lack of guidance and instruction provided by teachers and parents. Therefore, sex education should be incorporated into the teaching curriculum in their schools, from junior high school, high school to university level.
Learn about different sex we learn other skills. For example, when we learn to play an instrument, we are required to play an instrument that is true. However, learning about sex is not to learn how to have sex properly but how to avoid the negative impact arising from the sexual activity.
When added to the teaching of sex education in school, and delivery aspects should be good and true. Among the aspects of sex service that is, first, the religious aspect of youth which has a strong religious basis so they know the law and clarify the relationship of men and women. Second, aspects of knowledge. In the area of ​​science education talk about reproductive organs, sexually transmitted diseases and matters related to human reproduction. Third, the psychological aspects. Psychological aspects associated with a sense of love between the sexes, push a relationship with the opposite sex until the impulse sexual intercourse.
Material delivery means sex should be good and true tailored to the aspects mentioned above. In this case educators must be able to position itself as an undergraduate but not forgotten status as a teacher. Educators can deliver this material to the media electronic sex, for example using an LCD projector. Educators can also deliver this sexual material in front of the class with two-way communication that occurs between students and teachers, even a personal approach to do in delivering sex education. Personalized approach gives learners the freedom and discretion to ask for the things that they understand not about sex. Such approaches can be expected to be an effective way of delivering sex education and instruct students to think in a positive manner and not succumb to the negative things.
In addition, this method of sex education should be adapted to educational level. For example, the delivery of sexual material to junior high students. Instead of studying biology, sex education shall be communicated by the concerned teacher. Or it could also provide training or seminar conducted once or 1 1 week months which can mattering be delivered by member physicians or public health officials. Further, the delivery of sexual material in high school. As we know that teens are high school age, where they still can find They know the identity until absolutely necessary sex education. Sexual material presented more detailed, inter alia, a detailed explanation of sex, disease spread in reproductive organs and acts done to avoid promiscuity

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